Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The quilt is made..

Finally I've had the chance to finish my quilt.. it was so much harder to make than I thought! Now I've got a new appreciation for the amazing quilts my mum has made. All was going well until it came time to sew all the layers together.. it all bunched up and when a bit out of proportion. Think I needed a walking foot on my machine or maybe more patience?
Anyway... I found the main animal print drill fabric from Spotlight and fell in love with it, I was going to make cushions with it for my babies room but decided I'd like to try my hand at quilting instead. The animals on the corners are hand embroidered (I found out how to do french knots and they are my favourite!), the letters have been cut out of felt, and ironed on with adhesive backing then stitched onto the white drill. I'm not super happy with the trim.. originally I'd hoped to use the base grey fabric and turn it over to bind the edges, but after sewing it all together there wasn't enough to do that. In my eager beaver way, instead of waiting to go and buy more fabric, I made do with the same fabric as the centre. So I think it looks quite busy.
Anyway, quilt number 1 is made, yay. Number 2 is already on the horizon...

Delicious drill fabric from Spotlight.. I got the last of the roll!
Fabric for the main part all cut (precisely!)

Letters cut from felt and ironed onto fabric with isofix
Getting there...

Top part all done, dacron + backing  added, now ready to sew
Embroidered animals, the fun part
Quilting around the animals

Ollie's first quilt
O is for Owl

The finished product!

Little man enjoying his new play mat


weza said...

oh wow! great job!

Hi. I love my life. said...

SHOOT you are amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Wow that's cool!!

JeniD said...

Oh My Goodness, aren't quilts just the trickiest things? I found out the hard way too... The best thing I discovered was a lady in West Auckland who did the machine quilting for me. Best money I ever spent!