Thursday, 19 April 2012


It's been a while... life is now consumed with my bundle of joy!
I have managed to get a few crafty things made though, the most enjoyable being an octopus outfit for my sister in laws dress-up party, OJ looked so adorable, even if he only wore it for 10mins it was still worth making it. Then there is his little kerchief which will be handy for catching the dribbles. Another project was the 'home' ribbon cushion. A little tricky to make the letters flow, but came up well I think. Few more projects on the go preparing for our 6th Fraft market! and a new quilt I'm making for the little man. Will keep you posted...

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banban said...

Lovely stuff Bex, and I'm so glad to see another post, I've been waiting....but know what it's like trying to fit it all in. What a cutie OJ is.