Friday, 3 September 2010


A recent purchase that I am so excited about!.. a 'Gocco', Japanese printing machine.. all the way from Osaka.

I've wanted one for ages, so decided to just bite the bullet and buy it.
I love the process of silk-screening to make my cards, but it is quite time consuming, more of a mish to get the screens made up, can be messy and takes up more room. The gocco is opposite. Small and compact, I can make up the screen at home, it's quick and easy to print and you can make loads of prints with a small amount of ink. It prints to only B6 size, but that'd be perfect for my cards.. and wedding invites. Only issue is that they have discontinued making them (boo) so the products are getting harder to buy and are not so cheap... but I thought I'd give it a go anyway and see where it takes me. Can't wait to get some designs onto cards.

Watch this space.

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