Thursday, 2 September 2010


After getting my first sewing machine, I went mad at making bunting!
It became the perfect gift for friends with new babies, for their nurseries.

Shown above: plain cream bunting and 'Peter Rabbit' bunting.
Double-sided triangles, in varied fabrics joined with matching binding. Approx 3.5m long.


PaisleyJade said...

I loooove bunting! Looks so pretty.

banban said...

Love it! Will make some one day.

banban said...

Have you got a new (old) coffee table? Love whatever the bunting is sitting on.... whatever it is, yummy colours.

middlenamejane said...

It's the lid of my mum's old glory box that I've acquired.. she had it painted red when she was little, then it went green, then I tried to sand it back but it was a mish! hence why it's now multi-coloured..