Thursday, 19 August 2010


I love op-shopping with a passion.

The smell that wafts in your face when you walk into the store.
Going aisle by aisle, not looking ahead but concentrating on the shelves infront of me, incase I get side tracked and miss out on something.
Trawling every shelf with my eyes alert for whatever treat I might find and the excitement that rushes through me when I find it.. although kept inside like I've just discovered a secret.
Finding the bargain of the century, something in perfect condition, a fraction of the original cost due to the fact that people don't know it's worth.
I love buying something old and somehow making it look new.
Old is good, things with character and stories behind them.. who's, where's and why's.
I like observing the people shopping around me, the little girl typing on an old typewriter pretending she's a secretary gives me a sense of joy, mother's looking at clothes for their little ones, other people on the hunt just like me.
The joy of bringing things home, unpacking and deciding what goes where.

Ahh, satisfaction and relaxation. I'm looking forward to my next treasure hunt already.


Above: some of my favourite finds..


banban said...

ooooh I know the feeling.

PaisleyJade said...

I love your blog - thanks to Anya for letting us know about you!