Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Life is changing..

It's been a while since I've posted, but alot has happened of late..
I'm going to be a mumma! So now that I'm finally feeling more like myself and over the morning sickness, I can get back into my blogging/crafting etc.. and now I have a new project which I'm sure will keep me busy right up till the bubs is due in December.

(If the baby is anything like it's Dad, it will be a little 'thinker')
Check out this gorgeous little crochet beanie I've brought for our baby from the Auckland Art and Craft Fair from Poppy and Bee. I couldn't resist buying it now even though it's for a 6-12 month old.. it'll be perfect for next winter and will look great in the babies room. (See more of her work at http://www.poppyandbee.com/ )

We're getting pretty sorted as far as getting things ready.. we've brought a 2nd hand cot and change table (which need a few wee touch ups but are both in pretty good condition) so now to dress the room and get it looking fit for the bubs. My studio has had to move from this room to another part of the house, so I've had to downsize and clean up all my bits and pieces.. which was needed!

(Husband checking to see that it's a sturdy cot.. ha!)
Watch this space for projects that will fill the room and keep me occupied for the next 4 months..


PaisleyJade said...

Love that crochet hat!! Congratulations on your wee one on the way - very exciting!!

banban said...

Phil just had to didn't he!!!

banban said...

I'm just looking over your blog again and I'm cracking up at Phil, his head looks way too small for his body!

Ps can't wait to see my neice or nephew in that hat one day. XX