Monday, 28 February 2011

before and after.. lamp



I found this old lamp in my old closet and decided to give it a revamp..


I unwound the old lampshade and traced the pattern onto old maps that I had glued together.
To make the shade stronger I glued the top map layer onto 3 sheets of 120gsm paper glued together also, then stitched them both together on the sewing machine.
Using a singular hole punch I punched the holes in the shade equally around the top and bottom.
I bought new white piping cord and threaded the shade back onto the wire trim.
I cleaned down the stand and repainted it with white 'Hammerite' rust kill paint.
My husband re-wired the old plug and voila! New lamp for out entrance way!


PaisleyJade said...

I love it! Loving the colours - very original!!

middlenamejane said...

Thanks :) I'm loving your blog, just checked out the heart bunting, it's awesome and his reaction priceless!

Ruth Perry said...

so clever hoo-dee! love!

banban said...

That is very cool!!!! I love maps.